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What some of our favorite humans have to say about WendyAnn and FFB...

Dan C.

Business Process Firm

"Killer execution..."

In business to succeed, you need leaders that step up and rise to the occasion, and WendyAnn has never disappointed. She has always made a difference for our client relationships. In the BPO Space, understanding a client's needs and goals is the first step but the killer is in the execution and exceeding client's expectations while maintaining a margin, and this is where WendyAnn has excelled. She is customer facing and a tireless advocate for her teams that bring the technology and resources to bear to win for our clients! Her ability to create confidence is contagious and I was grateful for her talents and skills in all my relationships she managed

Marissa M

Accounting Firm

"Complicated to fun and simple..."

"Working with WendyAnn has been such a breath of fresh air. She has a way of taking the most complicated things and making them fun and simple! My days are so much more efficient after learning from her – highly recommend!"

Kendra T.

Health and Wellness

"Considerate and open..."

"WendyAnn is kind of like the best warmest friendliest hug! WendyAnn is all about action, she's considerate and open to chat and share views. She makes you feel so comfortable and like part of the family. I totally could have had a long dinner date instead of just a coffee with her! Her passion is deeply felt, and she wants to share that outward with others, which is so great!"

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