about WendyAnn

Hi Everyone - WendyAnn here!

I am a wife and mother of two wonderful children and adorable pups. I’m a business mentor and accountability coach who created The Far From Basic Academy.

Here is a little about me...

Yes, I was able to scale a business beyond the 6 figure mark in less than 7 months and helping others surpass those $5-$10,000+ revenue months, consistently is my mission. This sounds so easy to say, but keep in mind....

I have over 20 years of experience in Corporate America where I’ve lead teams to MILLIONS of dollars.

I’m committed to meet you where you are in the business because I’ve been exactly where you are!

I know the proven strategies used by Fortune 500 companies to scale and soar their businesses.

I consistently invest in myself - and everything I learn I share with you!

Plus, you don’t have to hire 3+ coaches because I’ve included everything you need in this one container. Strategy, marketing and branding (with a bit of energetics and mindset for those are key parts to success).

I know how to get you into the right mindset to attract your ideal clients.

And I lead from the heart and use my gut as a guide.


Once I linked arms with the right mentors, the game changed!

I took a major leap of faith and went all in with my first business coach, and then after some traction I did it again.

You see, after spending thousands and thousands of dollars it became clear that courses are great if you are looking for a pretty notebook and tactics. However, without accountability and a mentor that provides guidance success was far longer down the road that what I had on my timeline and most, 96% to be exact, give up for they feel they are failing.

Having worked with world renowned leaders like Tony Robbins, Kelly Roach and Frazer Brooks to name a few, my knowledge and passion combined sets me apart from the crowd and allows my clients to flourish beyond their expectations.

If you are looking for the "fast pass" to catapult your business to the six and seven figure mark, you have come to the right place.

IIf you are looking for cookie cutter marketing and social media guides, or perhaps that perfect script that is going to get you millions of leads that anyone can use, I am not your girl. We meet our partners where they are and guide them with the best and most up to date stratagies that will allow their business to explode with simple systems. Let’s be real, it takes hard work to run a business, happiness should always come first so we pride ourselves and making sure we surpass your expectations.

what we do

We mentor business owners to create their own economy with a simple strategy, so they can live the life they desire, with their version of time and financial freedom.


We offer custom packages to organizations who are looking for someone to lead and direct their teams to excellence. You will receive direct access to WendyAnn and her team to ensure a high touch approach to escalate your results. This package will also include access to the Academy and Masterclass trainings.

far from basic Academy

We offer the # 1 business academy on the market today. This is a twelve month program that includes all Masterclass access as well as weekly trainings designed to meet your business where it is and catapult your growth. We also include office hours to ensure if you have questions, the team is accessible to provide answers and insight.


Each month our team will host a Masterclass to bring to you the most jaw dropping trainings surrounding attracting your ideal clients, to social media strategies to creating the perfect offering (and so much more). These are typically around a hour and the recording will be accessible for 30 days after the live training. Yes these are not recorded, these are live trainings so you have the opportunity to ask questions on the spot.

Looking for MORE...

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